Best Dog House

Providing a shelter for your dog is your sole responsibility as you will be able to provide a place for it to sleep and rest. You might consider having your dog sleep in your bed, or you can build a kennel for it. Therefore, if you are planning to build one for your new canine, below are some of the factors to consider when building an ideal house where your pooch can feel it as its asylum.

The first factor to consider is to plan the size of your kernel that you intend to build for your mongrel. The size of the dog house will be subject to the maximum potential size of your puppy when it reaches his adult stage. Therefore, be sure to measure the size of the dog while it is on its feet, while it is sitting and when the dog is on its stretched out position not forgetting to include some allowance of about 1/3 of his height while it is standing.

Secondly, it is recommendable to build a house that is raised above the ground to permit water and air to flow underneath. This way, there will be proper ventilation for your pooch, and it will also prevent attacks from pests. Moreover, do not forget to add some small holes in the wall of the house to allow the passage of air. You can also put a wind block in the house that will enable your dog to use its body to keep the house warm during the chilly weather. Visit our website for interesting information.

In addition to the above, make sure that the floor of the kennel is slightly slanted towards the entrance to inhibit rain from entering the house. Similarly, build the dog house facing the opposite direction where the rain comes from to prevent it from entering the house. But then again, avoid painting the inside of the house but make sure you insulate it. Read more !

Just like humans, dogs love to live in a clean house. Therefore, makes sure you build a house whose hinges are on the roof of the house because it will be easier for you when cleaning. Alternatively, you can opt to construct a portable shelter for your dog as it also offers easy clean-up procedures.
However, you can create a portable tent and pop-up play pens for your dog where it can spend time on the outside.

I hope this editorial will be of help to you when building the most suitable dog house for your dog. Check out this website at and know more about dogs.